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Meet the heroic dog

Meet the heroic dog

Now, here’s a tale that seems like it can be made to a movie. It is the tale of a dog which has done a heroic deed.

This brave Labrador fought off armed robbers to save his human! If that isn’t loyalty, then nothing is.

This heroic dog resides in Bengaluru with his loving owner. On March 8, the dog sensed danger to his owner and selflessly acted to save his owner.

Since the owner of this amazing Labrador wanted privacy, his name is being kept out.

One day the owner, a professor, went out to get milk for his family. His family consisted of Leo, a one-and-half-year-old Lab. The dog wanted to go with the owner and the professor allowed Leo to follow him behind his scooter.

However, their happy trip turned to a scary one when they were attacked by a car filled with armed men intending to rob the professor.

One of the men carried a sword and another had a machete. The professor was being forced to give up his valuable possessions.

The professor was wearing several precious items like gold ornaments. He recalls that he was wearing ₹5 lakh worth of possessions.

Thinking he had no choice, he was about to give up his gold chain when Leo, the heroic dog came to rescue.

The dog jumped on the attackers and pounced them. The sudden attack gave the professor time to immediately make his escape.

Leo stayed back to attack the rest of the three men. The professor ran to his home and called his son for help.

By the time the professor and his son reached back, the robbers ran away and Leo was standing victorious.

The dog didn’t even leave the scooter alone until the professor came back. He stood there guarding it until the professor was safe and sound.

He was responsible for saving his owner and ensured they went back home safely.

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