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Mathematic magic

Mathematic magic

Won it! The 2014 Rolf Nevanlinna prize by the International Mathematical Union was wrested by Subhash Khot, Professor of computer science at New York University. This Indian-American computer scientist has defined the Unique Games Conjecture. He has smashed some breakthroughs in algorithm design and approximation hardness.
The Rolf Nevanlinna prize is awesome because it is given once in four years for outstanding discovery in mathematical aspects of information sciences. It is an award for the under-40s.
Growing up in Ichalkaranji, which did not have any of the best facilities, even libraries, was not really stressful for Subhash, even if he had never even heard of higher studies. Due to zero awareness of math and science research no one had heard of the IITs or the Math Olympiad. The only things people knew about were the board exams. However, while studying for the boards, Subhash was introduced to the IIT exams—and never looked back since.

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