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Male boss vs Female boss


In ancient times, society has classified the duties of a man and woman very distinctly. Men would bring the food and women would cook them. This sort of classification is long gone now. All fields these days have both men and women in various positions. It brings us to the question about who is better at being a boss. Is it men or women? Let us look at the various areas of being a boss.


Men are generally considered more professional as they would be much harsher in demanding work. Women on the other hand could more considerate.


Women tend to do more gossiping than men. It means that women would be more interested in the personal lives of employees.


Women are generally more understanding about issues than men. Men can be too professional which can be a problem.

Office politics

Women generally tend to get more involved with office politics than men. This can be favourable for men.


Communication is very important for a boss. Being more professional lets men remain cool in tough situations. However, women can be easier to explain personal problems.

The above-mentioned points may not apply to everyone.

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