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Lord Shiva and Buddha are my wedding guests: Sofia Hayat

Lord Shiva and Buddha are my wedding guests: Sofia Hayat

Do you remember Bollywood model Sofia Hayat? This popular model and the former Bigg Boss contestant had shocked the world last year by announcing her decision to lead her life as nun.

She said that she is denouncing sex, marriage and life glamour world, and would never get married. She declared herself as a holy mother and all are children.

She had said stated that she had to look after everyone in the world and ensure that there is no hell as such.

This model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat again shocked the world with her long Instagram post on March 1 in which she announced that she will be getting married soon in this month. She also posted the pictures of her engagement on her social media account.

Though she did not reveal the name and identity of her fiancé, she stated that her to-be husband is neither a businessman nor a celebrity.

She promised to announce his name on the Instagram in this week.

She added that she is in a sacred cosmic relationship and at last cosmic mother has been reunited with cosmic father. She says that she is enjoying unconditional love right now.

She expressed that her love and marriage is sacred and hence immortal guests will be attending to the ceremony.

As per the decision of Lord Jesus in the heaven, all the Gods including Lord Shiva, Buddha will attend her marriage, all of them will be her wedding guests.

She revealed that her marriage will be in the third or fourth week of March. She wanted to invite all her friends to her wedding ceremony and not wanted invite trouble makers like Andy and haters like Armaan Kohli.

She said that she will specially invite her ex Rohit Sharma and his wife whom she wanted to welcome with a kiss and tight hug.

Image Credit: Bollywood Hungama / CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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