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Know your spiritual barriers

Know your spiritual barriers

Spiritual wellness is just as important to a person as bodily wellness. However, many people tend to neglect the health of the spirit, and thus, create many spiritual barriers for themselves. The point of spirituality is to connect your individual self with all other individualities to create one central unity.

Yet most people make the mistake of disregarding their individuality altogether, demeaning it and making it lesser. This is what mainly creates those barriers. For full spiritual health, you must be in union with everything around you, but you yourself must also have strength and presence as an individual. Therefore, these are some considerations to take when seeking to achieve full spiritual wellness:

  • Always remember not to limit yourself, and remember to see the possibilities in all things. The human body is our only limit, but our spirits are limitless; if we believe we can do something, we can.
  • Remember that the tasks we are assigned do not define us, be it schoolwork, a money-making job, or even your career. You are defined by your nature, what you love, and what you are passionate about. True spiritual health can only be achieved by fully knowing and embracing your true nature.
  • Remember not to criticize yourself too much. It only further adds to any negativity in your life and creates more spiritual damage. Since other things in life cause negativity around you, there is no reason you need to bring your own negativity upon yourselves.
  • Learn to let go of your unnecessary anxieties and fears. They bring unneeded harm to your life, so worry about what must be worried about. Also, let go of the general fear of the unknown. Learn to see it as something exciting, not something to fear.
  • Don’t be overly guilty about everything; needed amounts are fine, especially when you make a mistake and must apologize to someone about it. However, being guilty about everything, especially your own self, is extremely spiritually unhealthy. Know yourself, and thus, know what you can be proud of in yourself.
  • This ties into this next tip: don’t take all blame personally. Not everything is your fault, and when it is, learn to accept it with strength. Don’t take all insults personally either, since, oftentimes, people don’t really mean what they say when they are enraged.
  • Make sure to hang around people who put you in a positive environment, and chose your friends wisely. The people around you, especially those close to you, can have a large effect on your spiritual health. Be sure to surround yourself with positivity, and ensure positivity inside yourself. This is the path to achieving true health of the spirit.

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