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Know about Salman Khan’s “Tubelight”

Know about Salman Khan’s "Tubelight"

“Tubelight” is one of the biggest Indian blockbusters to date, being actor Salman Khan’s shortest, but biggest, film so far. Director Kabir Khan says this is his best performance to date.

The film also stars Sohail Khan, the Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, and the child artist Matin Rey Tangu.

It will be released in theatres this Friday on June 23rd, 2017. This being a unique hit for the Indian industries, here are some interesting facts about the film:

·     This is the first Bollywood movie to feature in Times Square in New York City, USA, a very well-known media centre. The film has gone viral since picture takings of these banners and has become known internationally.

·     Sohail Khan was not originally going to appear alongside his brother on screen. The first choice for his role as his on-screen brother was going to be an A-lister, supposedly Akshay Kumar.

·     Shah Rukh Khan will be having a highly-anticipated cameo in the film. Salman has additionally stated that his character brings about a turning point in the film’s story. This will be Salman and Shak Rukh’s first time on screen together since their 1995 appearances in “Karan Arjun”.

·     Matin Rey Tangu, the child in the film, created some talk around the internet after people saw his chemistry with Salman Khan.

·     Apparently, he was chosen out of one thousand children who vied for the role. The filmmakers were specifically looking for a kid who had the ability to stand a 100-day shoot.

·     The title of the movie has some meaning behind it. Supposedly, Salman’s character in the film has a somewhat man-childish nature, slow to learn and comprehend things, thus, gaining the name “Tubelight”.

However, he sets out to overcome his troubles to find his brother, played by Salman’s real brother, Sohail Khan, who has gone missing after the Indo-China war.

Image Credit: Bollywood Hungama / CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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