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Kanpur man duped of Bakrid goat

Kanpur man duped of Bakrid goat

You might have heard a story of a man who was duped by the thieves and left his goat thinking it was a dog.

In the similar way, a person in Kanpur was duped by a cheat and lost his goat.

The story warns about cheaters and how a person can believe something even though he suspects a lie; this real incident warns you how cheaters around you are waiting for opportunities to dupe you for their benefit.

The man, Ashraf is residing in Kanpur. He wanted to sell his goats on the occasion of Bakrid. He went to a popular local market on August 20 by taking his three goats.

He managed to sell two of his goats. While he was looking to sell his last goat, a conman came to him and said that his goat had escaped.

In a confused state, without checking his goat, Ashraf ran in the direction which was showed to him by that conman and ran behind an animal.

The black animal looked just like a goat from behind with a similar rope that Ashraf used to tie his goat’s neck, but its face was covered with a veil of flowers.

After running a while, when he tried to catch it, the animal started barking. Then, Ashraf realized that it was a dog, but not a goat.

He immediately ran to the place where he tied his goat and found that it was missing.

Ashraf’s confusion and darkness benefited the conman who duped and stole the goat.

At first, Ashraf wanted to file a complaint against the man who cheated him. But, when he shared this incident with the people in the market, they began to laugh.

So, he felt embarrassed and left the market without filing a complaint.

Image Reference: Indiatoday

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