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Jio prime free for another 12 months

Jio prime free for another 12 monthsJio prime free for another 12 months

Jio has recently announced that they will be providing their Jio Prime subscription free for another year for all existing users.

This means that any Jio user who has already paid for Jio Prime does not have to buy it again. They will also receive the benefits of Jio Prime free of cost.

However, this only applies to Jio Prime users who have paid for their subscription before March 31st, 2018.

Users who pay for their subscription after April 1st, 2018 must still pay the ₹99 membership fee.

The ongoing Jio Prime subscription will end on March 31st, 2018, regardless of when users had purchased their subscriptions.

If existing users want to use the free service for another year, then they will have to go through an opt-in process. The option to avail the service for another year can be found in the MyJio app.

Jio recently gave a statement where they expressed their desire to give Indians a differentiated Digital Life experience.

They want to propel this commitment into the largest loyalty program in the world.

In December of 2017, Jio had about 160 million users.

Now, in March of 2018, this number has risen to about 175 million Jio users across the entire country.

Jio also said that they will always provide between 20% and 50% more value to Jio Prime users.

Last year, in February, Jio announced the Jio Prime subscription. This announcement came when the company was switching from a free service to a paid model.

Compared to non-Prime members, Prime members are given additional data at the same prices.

The subscription is priced at ₹99 for the whole year.

Originally, it was an opt-in service.

Later, the Prime membership fee was added to the recharge cost.

This cost would be charged whenever a user tried to purchase a pack, which made it effectively mandatory.

Jio Prime is essential for accessing the offers provided by the company every so often.

These offers include the ₹50 discounts on recharge packs with daily data allocations and the 20% discount on data tariffs.

A Jio Prime subscription is also required for Jio’s content apps.

These apps include Jio Music, Jio News, and Jio TV. The operator values them at ₹10,000 for the entire year.

A Jio Prime subscription gives its users numerous benefits, and it now comes with an excellent subscription deal.

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