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How internet changed our lives

How internet changed our lives

The revolution of the Internet has forever changed our lives. Many things happened differently in the past due to the lack of internet. Let us take a look at some of the things that the Internet has changed.


In the past, it was all about having more number of shopping bags and showing it off others. With online shopping, all we need to do is wait around for the product we want to arrive.

Playing games

Without the internet, children used to get competitive over physical sports. It helped them have better physical health. If not games, children used to spend time outside with their friends. With the revolution of the internet, kids are now playing games through their phones.

Job search

Searching for jobs was very tough in the past. Now, with a few clicks, you can easily find jobs that are suitable for you. You can even find work gigs from around the world.


Communication was mainly limited to landlines or even letters. It is quite a nostalgic feeling to get a letter, however, the internet has made communication instant.

Photo albums

Whenever people wanted to remember something, they would get their photo albums out. Today, all we need to do is visit our Facebook profile.


A number of banking transactions are done online nowadays. This saves a lot of time.

Bill payments

Now, bill payment is a simple task as you can pay any bill online.

Grocery shopping

Now, there is no need to write a list and visit the grocery shop. Simply browse the net and tick the groceries you need. They will be delivered to your home directly.

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