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BookChor – Buy, sell or donate your books

Bookchor – Buy, sell or donate your books

Have you ever had trouble with lots of books being left unused in your home?

It is quite common for many to be unsure of what to do with them.

Bhavesh Sharma, Prateek Maheshwari, and Alok Sharma are three friends who wondered about the same.

They saw that there was no easy way to sell or buy used books.

Majority of people go through second hand markets to find the book they want.

In this digital era, these three friends wanted to come up with a solution that is digital.

The trio, along with Bhavesh’s brother-in-law Vidyut Sharma thought about a solution. And thus, BookChor came to be.

BookChor is a Delhi based startup made as a platform to buy, sell, and donate used books. BookChor was started in October 2015.

Bookchor – Buy, sell or donate your books

Bookchor – Buy, sell or donate your books



The platform is available on android, iOS, and on website. Here people can sell books online and also list their books and directly sell them to interested buyers. Anyone who wants to donate their books for underprivileged children in India, can also do so here. The books would go to Shubh Foundation which is BookChor’s NGO partner.

The founders visited Delhi’s secondhand markets several times to see how things work. They did not spend much money on marketing as well because they are just college students. They participated in national book fairs to promote the platform. They even conducted seven book fairs in schools.

At present, BookChor has a customer base of over 53,000 users from 27 states across the country. In just last month, the platform sold around 4,500 books. The average price of the books sold here is ₹100 for each book.

The company is expecting this number to go up to 6,000 books in this December. Customers will get the books delivered to their homes. For this purpose, they tied up with FedEx and India Post to send books across the country.

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