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Indian celebs accused of sexual harassment

Indian celebs accused of sexual harassment

#MeToo India movement is gaining momentum day by day. Several celebrities are accused under this movement for their sexual harassment against women.

Here are some of the Indian celebrities that have been accused by different women so far.

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta revealed the inappropriate behavior of Nana Patekar on the film set of Horn Ok Pleasss. However, he did not accept it. Vivek Agnihotri is the another person that was pointed out by Tanushree Dutta for his misbehavior.

Varun Grover, the award-winning lyricist and writer was accused of his misbehavior towards a woman while working on a play. She is a former student of Banaras Hindu University. He denied the allegations.

Alok Nath, who was famous for his “sanskaari” on-screen image, is another celeb accused by Vinita Nanda for his sexual harassment. He responded to these allegations saying that he is neither denying nor admitting.

Producer Gaurang Doshi was accused by Bollywood actress Flora Saini for his sexual assault and harassment.

Chetan Bhagat, one of India’s best-selling authors, was accused by a woman who shared screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation. The author then apologized his wife and the woman.

Vikas Bahl was accused of by Kangana Ranaut for his misbehavior towards her while working on ‘Queen’ in 2014.

Utsav Chakraborty, the Mumbai comedian from the comedy group AIB, was accused of sending lewd messages and unsolicited nude photos to women and young girls. Though initially he dismissed the allegations, he is now facing police investigation.

Rajat Kapoor was accused by a journalist for his misbehavior in a telephonic interview and two other women blamed him for his sexual harassment. He then apologized on the social media.

Singer Kailash Kher was accused by a journalist for his harassment. He responded saying that he respects women, and apologized nevertheless, if his words sounded differently and hurt her.

Aditi Mittal was accused by Kaneez Surka for his forceful kissing in a public show. He apologized to her immediately saying that it was a ‘joke’.

Singer Raghu Dixit was accused by an anonymous person for his misconduct. He apologized to her.

Vairamuthu, a Tamil poet, lyricist and author was accused of his misconduct and sexual harassment by Chinmayi Sripada and Sandhya Menon.

Anu Malik was accused of his inappropriate behavior by Sona Mohaptra. She alleged that he is a serial predator. Yet, he denied the allegations.

Each day, a new name is coming out and the world is shocked by knowing the actual face of these celebrities who harassed their female coworkers.

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