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Indecent things happening in India

Indecent things happening in India

There are many crazy things Indians do and we are even known around the world for doing them. There are also bad and indecent things that happen in India. Here are some of the worst indecent things that Indians do.

Selling body organs

Poverty in India is a very big thing. In stages of poverty, people tend to extreme things. There are many people who illegally sell their body organs for the sake of money.

Public masturbation

There are cases of public masturbation in India that caused shock and disgust to many people. Recently, a cab driver was arrested for masturbating in the presence of a female passenger.

A whole lot of crimes

Crimes in India are increasing in number and violent intensity. There are recent findings in Delhi which involved rape-murder along with necrophilia.

Misbehaving with other citizens

There are many cases of misbehaving between people. Recently, a cab driver verbally and physically assaulted senior citizens while still seated in a car.

Abusing dead children

Recently, a man in Delhi was found to have been sexually abusing children after killing them. He used to lure children with candy and then kill them and had sex with their bodies. There were also several cases of necrophilia.

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