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Income tax department to hire young professionals

Income tax department to hire young professionals

The Income Tax Department has unveiled a strategic initiative to bolster its ranks by enlisting the expertise of young law and chartered accountancy graduates.

In a bid to fortify legal cases contested before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), the department is set to temporarily employ 50 skilled graduates.

IT Department will recruit them under a newly introduced young professional scheme, 2023.

These candidates, aged not over 35 years, will be stationed at various field offices across the nation. Their monthly remuneration will be ₹40,000.

The initiative aims to harness the energy and domain knowledge of these graduates, as outlined in a policy paper issued by the Income Tax Department.

Aiming to enrich the department’s representation at the ITAT, the scheme envisages the active participation of young law and accountancy graduates.

Their contributions will encompass an array of responsibilities. They include aiding departmental officers in case preparation for ITAT hearings and conducting essential research and analysis in critical realms of tax litigation.

These budding professionals will meticulously analyze paper books of listed tax cases, discern judgments in favour of the department, and intricately differentiate applicable facts.

Their findings will be distilled into comprehensive briefing notes, providing valuable support to tax officers acting as Commissioners at diverse ITAT benches nationwide.

With over 60 benches distributed across 27 cities, the ITAT plays a pivotal role in shaping tax litigation outcomes.

The proposed engagement term for these young professionals spans a year, with the possibility of extension based on satisfactory performance evaluation, as indicated by the policy paper.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is responsible for formulating tax department policies.

It will conduct an evaluative assessment of the scheme at the two-year mark, potentially paving the way for an extension.

Amidst this, stringent confidentiality measures are in place to ensure the discreet handling of sensitive information.

These young professionals will be bound by the Indian Official Secrets Act of 1923. They must maintain utmost secrecy regarding any information gathered during their tenure.

The allocation of these professionals is strategically planned, with the maximum placements slated for Mumbai, followed by Delhi and Gujarat.

The young professional scheme, 2023, notified on August 2, aims to expedite the recruitment process and finalize the roster of the selected 50 graduates by the end of this month.

As the Income Tax Department pioneers this progressive approach to fortify its legal endeavours, it sets a precedent for harnessing youthful expertise to navigate the complex realm of tax litigation.

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