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ICICI Bank launches WhatsApp services

ICICI Bank launches WhatsApp services

Now, ICICI bank customers need not visit the bank for everything. They can simply do many tasks easily on WhatsApp.

ICICI bank launched WhatsApp services for customers to perform several banking tasks. Customers can pay utility bills and generate fixed deposits through WhatsApp.

With the new initiative of ICICI bank, retail customers and corporates can perform different financial transactions on WhatsApp.

Retail Customers can create fixed deposits and pay electricity bills, cooking gas and postpaid mobile bills on WhatsApp.

Corporates and MSMEs can check various trade finance related services like Import Export (IE) code, customer ID, credit limit availability from the Bank etc.

At present, the bank offers trade finance services to select corporates and current account holders as a pilot. However, in the coming days, all the customers will get these services. Now only the payment of postpaid mobile bill service is available. Soon, the bank will introduce the recharge service for prepaid mobiles.

ICICI bank launched some services on WhatsApp six months ago. These include the following:

  • Customers can open an instant savings bank account.
  • Check the balance of a savings bank account.
  • Check the last three transactions and credit card limit.
  • Obtain details of instant and pre-approved loans and offers.
  • Block or unblock credit or debit card safely.
  • Choose loan moratorium.
  • Locate essential stores in the surroundings.
  • Get access to PDFs of a few famous newspapers and magazines.

Now, the bank introduced some more services.

To use ICICI bank’s WhatsApp services, the customers will have to send ‘Hi’ to the bank number from their registered mobile number with the bank. While sending the message, make sure that the bank WhatsApp number is verified. You will find a list of services offered by the bank. Then, type the keyword of the desired service. It will be displayed instantly. Follow the prescribed steps to use the service.

Image Credit: Basher Eyre / CC BY-SA 2.0

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ICICI_bank_in_South_Road_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1524612.jpg

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