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Government warns on using Zoom app

Government warns on using Zoom app

As several people are working from home, employers and employees are widely using the Zoom app to connect virtually.

In this context, the government warned about using the Zoom app. Besides, the Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) warned about using the app.

Many cybersecurity experts also cautioned against the app. Several organizations including Google advised their employees to refrain from the app.

The CyCord issued an advisory earlier this week and emphasized the security concerns associated with Zoom app. It reiterated that the government offices or officials should not use the app for official uses.

Individuals who use the app can do as per their wish. But, they have to follow the best security practices prescribed in the first week by CERT-In.

Personal meeting IDs should be hidden and third-party access to virtual meetings should be restricted.

Individuals should also keep strong passwords which should not be enabled.

The US Senate also told its members to refrain from using the app due to security concerns involved with it. The app has several flaws. Many users reported the appearance of pornographic content during virtual meetings. The FBI is investigating these flaws.

Several countries are under lockdown across the globe and the usage of the Zoom app has been increasing rapidly due to this. As a result, cyber experts focus on the privacy concerns for the app.

The app was originally intended for businesses. Yet, now it is being used by many people including normal individuals, schools and many more. The app allows users to connect virtually with ease for which it is popularized.

Zooms says that it is working on addressing issues including the privacy and security concerns. It said that it stopped future updates for this reason.

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