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Good Bye Orkut

Good Bye Orkut

Google Inc. wants to shut down its social networking service Orkut from September 30, 2014 onwards. Orkut is one of the earliest social-networking services launched about 10 years ago and used widely in Brazil and India. Nobody can log into Orkut after September 30, 2014. The users of Orkut cannot export their photo albums to Google Plus, nor use the Apps, APIs and games available after September 30.

There are many social networking websites at present. But, Orkut is one of the best social networking sites that gives a good social networking experience for youth, and the first service to define the social networking by maintaining relationships among friends. It is not an exaggeration that many of present youngsters have their initial social networking experience on Orkut.

But, the eventual emerging of many other social networking sites especially Facebook replaced its position. There is no wonder in it. Due to hitting of several technology updates, the old ones are washed away in the new floods. One of the best examples for this is, Google which swept the earlier popular search engines like Alsta Vista, Yahoo etc. Similarly, the boom of Facebook and its craze on youth swept Orkut. Some people who actively use Orkut may feel they miss it a lot. Yet, technology is like that. The emergence of new things swept the old ones. And now, it is the time for us to say “Good Bye Orkut”.

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