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Free WiFi calling apps

Free WiFi calling apps

Nowadays, every important thing can be performed with the help of a smartphone. Several data providers are offering free data package with calls. In addition to that even WiFi is also widely available.

Here are some free WiFi calling mobile applications if you want to use them for a change instead of regular apps. Yet, each app has its own limitations.

As mostly used by internet users especially by Indians, there is no introduction to WhatsApp app. You can use WhatsApp for video calling as well as group calling. However, you need to install the app to use. Moreover, it supports in-app calling. You cannot call landlines or other cellphones those which do not have the app in it.

Skype is mainly preferred by businesses. If you want to use this app for free calling, you need to install it. You can call cellphones and land phone as well, but you have to choose a suitable calling plan. If you are an Office365 subscriber, you can have free outbound calls of 60 minutes per month.

TextNow allows calls to any number and landline for the residents of US or Canada. But, international calls will be charged.

TextFree offers free WiFi inbound calls but has to pay for outbound calls. You can watch their ads and earn credits to use for outbound calling.

Maaii also allows calls to landlines and cellphones with a payment. It has a group video chat, video caller-ID and voicemail plus video mails.

GrooVeIP is another app that works like TextNow. It is a free app but supported by ads. You can have free calls in-app, and messages are also free. Yet, you have to pay it you want to call land phones and cellphones. If you complete surveys or watch game ads and click on the displayed ads, you will earn credits/minutes.

Imo also works like WhatsApp. It assures encryption for your conversation or calls; so, it is secure. It has a Chrome extension to deliver all the features of its app counterpart.

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