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Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Today is Valentine’s Day. Now is the time to gift your valentine. Now-a-days many people prefer to gift in eco-friendly ways. Here are some ideas to gift your valentine on this V-Day.

  1. Make card on your own with recycled material and gift them. This not only saves money and environment, but it shows your caring towards your love and improves his/her affection on you. Sending e-cards is a good option as well.
  2. Choose eco-friendly chocolates or sweets while gifting. Alternatively, you can choose homemade recipes to win your love’s attention.
  3. Eco-friendly wall hangings or wall shelves serve the purpose.
  4. Interior plants are a good choice to consider if your valentine is plant lover.
  5. Specially made gift tags, customized key chains and personalized photo albums also serve the purpose.
  6. Pair of love birds made in wood or soft toys is another choice of gift.
  7. You can also choose gifts to spread the awareness on certain things. For example, to conserve the endangered species in India, certain ties are made to spread the awareness on saving the tigers.
  8. Jute hand bags, herbal oils and bath salts, natural soaps, shampoos and conditioners, wooden items and many more gifts are there to celebrate the happy occasion.

Choose the best gift that fits your need and enjoy the day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image Reference: Etsy

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