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Diamond merchant presents cars and flats to employees

Diamond merchant presents cars and flats to employees

Surat-based diamond merchant Savji Dholakia again showed his compassionate and caring nature towards his employees by giving flats and cars as Diwali gifts to them.

Savji Dholakia is a billionaire with a diamond business in Surat. He owns a diamond exports company in Gujarat named Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. The diamond merchant who has a whole life of experience behind him went through many hurdles and struggles in his life. He believes the recognition of the performance of employees helps the company to grow.

He started his career as a worker and engaged in diamond polishing work for several years after which he formed a company. His company is in the top 5 position in the industry.

Dholakia is well known for giving cars, jewellery and flats as a performance appraisal to deserving employees who meet their targets. He has been giving rewards to his employees for their performance when targets are met.

He gave 491 cars, 200 flats and diamond jewellery to his employees as Diwali bonus in 2014 which brought him to limelight. He spent Rs.50 crore on performance bonuses. He rewarded his 1,268 employees with precious gifts again.

This year, 400 flats and 1,260 cars are gifted to their employees as Diwali bonuses. 1,716 employees have been selected for this bonus. The employees who already have cars are selected to get homes and while those do not have four-wheelers will be considered to receive cars.

Dholakia said that the company will bear the partial amount of loan instalments on the flats and cars for the first five years. 400 flats each 1,100 square feet in area will be allotted to the employees. Each flat will cost Rs.15 lakh and each employee will have to bear Rs.11,000 as monthly instalment after the first five years.

The bonus was announced on Tuesday in the annual ritual of the company at an informal meeting of employees.

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