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Delhi government seeks public suggestions on pollution

Delhi government seeks suggestions from public on pollution

#LetsSaveDelhi. In order to curb the worst pollution ever seen in the 17 years, Delhi government has sought suggestions from the public.

Delhites are using air masks and air purifiers to save themselves from the existing pollution. AAP government in Delhi is considering several options to lower the pollution. It includes the implementation of odd-even formula system that was implemented in the earlier months of this year.

Several residents of Delhi on filed petitions on the pollution levels of Delhi. One petitioner requested the Indian Government, the Minister For Women & Child Development and the Chief Minister to ban crackers to save the environment and future generations. More than 62,000 people supported this petition.

Another petitioner on requested Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi to declare holidays for college and university students. It was supported by around 4,000 people.

Another petitioner from Gurgaon wrote an open letter to the PM, Delhi CM, and the Ministry of Environment & Forest demanding to seek necessary steps to curb the pollution in NCR on a war footing. In his letter, he explained the major reasons for the pollution.

Considering the opinions of residents of NCR, Delhi government wanted to take immediate steps to curb the pollution. In this regard, it has sought viable suggestions from citizens.

Kapil Mishra, one of the cabinet ministers in Delhi government said the pollution in Delhi crossed the safe limit and became a Public Health Emergency. He added that he had seen various petitions and appeals on on Delhi pollution.

The problem is huge and it needs collective effort with proper coordination of public and government. Hence, the government wanted the public to participate in this activity and sought their suggestions and advice on bringing down the pollution to a safe level.

If you have any suggestions and or are interested to help, give your suggestion here. It takes only a couple of minutes. The cabinet ministers assured to begin working on the given solutions immediately.

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