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AAP puts more focus on Delhi’s statehood

AAP puts more focus on Delhi’s statehood

The party AAP has increased its focus on the vote on the problem of statehood of Delhi on Tuesday. AAP stated that it’ll work with the Delhi government and asked its volunteers to come up with an answer on the contentious issue. Furthermore, the party focused on countering the arguments over giving statehood to Delhi and referendum.

One of the biggest demands of the party is getting statehood for Delhi. This is a promise by the party that it has to secure for the people of Delhi. On this issue, the party is strongly with the Delhi government and will additionally work with it on the matter.

AAP has questioned the BJP and Congress for turning back and have exploiting the statehood issue as per their political convenience. The Congress’s 2015 manifesto talks about the statehood. However, it had been in power at the Centre from 2004-2014 and in the state from 1998-2013. In 2011, BJP’s V K Malhotra strongly batted for statehood for Delhi. Furthermore, the Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani in 2003 also made efforts when he was the Deputy Prime Minister.

The party was asked about its opinion on the Kashmir issue. The question hasn’t been answered by Panday by saying that the party wasn’t in power in the state.


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