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Characters in Every Office

Employee characters

Every office has a unique environment filled with various kinds of people. Each office is like a world in itself. These are some of the stereotypes that exist in almost all offices.

The motivated – This employee is the ideal employee in every office. They are extremely motivated and have a strong loyalty to their company. They get the job done with a lot of passion and always aim to be better.

The robot – This one is all about duty. Give him/her a task and it will be done. They treat their job as something that they have to do. To them, their job is just something that has to be done. They are stable and can always be relied on. However, they will not go the extra mile.

The ambitious – They are always about rising up through the ranks. To them, each work done should get them close to their goals. They care more about their goals rather than the company. However, they are very motivated towards their goals.

The creative – These employees are always about new and innovative ideas. Instead of doing their work as told, they often look for simpler and creative ways to do it.

The scapegoat – These employees are weak at defending themselves and often become the scapegoat for others mistakes. They are naïve and often do not realize others taking advantage of them.

What other kinds of characters do you see in your office and what character are you?

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