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Chai made this American woman a millionaire

Chai made this American woman a millionaire

Brook Eddy was born in the United States in the city of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

She was raised in Michigan, and she never expected to end up where she is today. She is now a single mother of twins. Originally, she had a full-time job in Colorado.

However, Eddy’s life was forever changed when she visited India in 2002. When she visited India, she had the chance to taste real, authentic Indian tea.

Yet, when she returned from her trip to India and came back to Colorado, she found that the tea from the cafes there was not even close to what she had tasted in India.

Eddy decided to take matters in her own hands since nowhere she looked seemed to have tea like what she had gotten in India.

In 2006, she decided to found her own tea company. It would be based on the ideals of Bhakti, or devotion.

Therefore, Eddy decided to call her tea company Bhakti Chai.

In 2007, she started this small tea company by selling mason jars from the back of her car.

Eddy’s unique tea infusion soon gave her a large fan following, and her tiny, homegrown operation began to grow into something bigger.

Eddy has now quit her full-time job, being fully devoted to her tea company.

Bhakti Chai has become a success, and it now has projected revenue of seven million dollars.

She even made it into the top 5 finalists in the Entrepreneur’s Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2014.

Eddy says that she never expected to be so invested in Indian culture, but she is glad that she is. She is now dedicated to giving her customers her craft-brewed chai tea.

By giving them this tea, she hopes to inspire environmental and social change, since this authentic chai tea can give anyone a taste of the Indian experience.

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