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Cash Rewards to be given to Rohtak Sisters

Rohtak Sisters

Rohtak sisters are announced cash rewards to be given on Republic Day by the Haryana government for their bravery towards molesters. The two girls fought against the molesters single-handedly with courage in a moving bus despite nobody supporting them except a pregnant woman in the crowded bus.

The three molesters were sent to judicial custody till December 6. The bus driver and conductor who failed to stop molestation in the bus were suspended by the Haryana government. Furthermore, the state transport department and state director general of police were asked by the government to take proper steps for the security of woman passenger in the buses. It directed the bus drivers and conductors to make sure that no such incidents will occur in future.

The shocking video which contains the actions of three molesters towards the two sisters Arti and Pooja went viral on Sunday and led to the arrest of the accused. The smirking co-passengers did not help the sisters which made the incident more alarming. They also discouraged the girls in lodging a police complaint against the molesters. Only a pregnant woman in the bus objected to the harassment of three molesters towards the girls.

The girls suffered the obscene remarks and lewd gestures of the molesters in silence for some time. But they could not tolerate it any more when the molesters tried picking on the pregnant woman who objected to their harassment towards the girls and fought with courage. Though they were beaten and thrown off the moving bus which caused them minor injuries, they lodged a complaint in the Sadar police station with the help of the pregnant woman who helped them in the total incident.

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