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Cancer cure from neem?

Cancer cure from neem?

Nimbolide is a chemical found in the Neem tree. Scientists from Hyderabad decoded this phytochemical from the leaves and the flowers of Neem trees.

This chemical was found to be very effective in fighting against various cancers.

However, the researchers were not able to find a way to create a commercial drug out of Nimbolide.

Even though these Hyderabad-based scientists discovered how to decode this chemical from the Neem tree, they were not able to figure out why it was not able to work as a commercial drug.

Yet, a recent discovery by these scientists has just revealed the reason why Nimbolide has not been effective when it was converted into a commercial medicine.

The Hyderabad-based scientists have found out that the reason Nimbolide has not been effective as a commercial drug is because the body does not absorb the chemical well when it is taken orally.

Since most commercial medicines are taken orally, this can be a huge hurdle in manufacturing medicines based on this phytochemical.

Now that the scientists have become aware of the problem, they are starting to work on solutions.

Nimbolide is more likely to work if it is introduced to the body through a way other than through the mouth.

The research team from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) in Hyderabad decoded the quandary behind the low bioavailability of Nimbolide.

The bioavailability of a chemical is the body’s absorption of that chemical.

The scientists tested the chemical for cancers of the throat, pancreas, and prostate intravenously.

They witnessed a high success rate when the chemical was introduced this way.

Now, the NIPER researchers know that a drug developed from Nimbolide has to be a drug that can be introduced to the body intravenously.

This discovery could bring people one step closer to finding a cure for cancer.

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