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Bribing a public servant will result in imprisonment

Bribing a public servant will result in imprisonment

It is a common stereotype that bribing is what makes work happen in government offices.

It became an inevitable practice to be followed by many people. So far, people were getting punishment if they were caught while taking bribes.

But, now those who offer bribes to a public servant will get an imprisonment up to 7 years.

The Rajya Sabha passed a bill on Thursday on this issue. The Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill 2013 says that giving bribes to public servants is a punishable offence under which they will be punished up to a maximum of 7 years of imprisonment.

However, they will be saved from the punishment if they declare within two weeks that they were coerced to give bribes.

The Bill was unanimously passed in Rajya Sabha with 43 amendments. A lot of discussion has taken place in the Upper House before it was passed.

The Opposition Congress party questioned that Lokpal was not yet appointed and how would a sanction request processed without anticorruption ombudsman.

The government in reply to this stated that the appointment of Lokapl has been delayed due to some reasons which are not in their control.

After a discussion among the members, the Bill passed.

Some of the amendments in the Bill include the following: Lokpal or Lokayuta will be replaced with competent authority to approve investigation against a public servant.

The seven-day period which was initially given for bribe givers to reveal any information has been increased to 2 weeks.

Instead of a special judge, a session will act on cases related with property or assets acquired though corruption.

The Bill also provides timelines for the trial in corruption cases on public servants. They should be completed in a maximum period of two years.

The bill is probably to be put in Lok Sabha on Monday or Tuesday.

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