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UP’s Vyapam Scam

UP’s Vyapam Scam

The education system in India emphasizes students to get extraordinary marks in their examination.

Surprisingly, many students who perform well in terms of their marks are not able to handle basic things in their routine.

This is happening because the performance of students is measured only by ‘marks’ they get in their exams, but not on any other criteria.

That is the reason many students try to score good marks with the encouragement of their parents and colleges.

Some even malpractice in their exams. The ultimate goal is to get excellent marks.

One video went viral on social media regarding the malpractice of 12th students in Uttara Pradesh. They put money inside their exam answer sheets.

Another scam in this state is also brought into light. This is termed as ‘UP’s Vyapam Scam’. The scam took place with the help of some University officials.

Under this scam, Medical College students are paying bribes to submit expert-written answer sheets instead of their own answers.

The UP police arrested two students of Muzaffarnagar Medical College on Monday night for paying ₹I lakh bribe to the cheating mafia.

Several such incidents have been reported in this scam. The police have identified nine persons. Among them, six are the officials of Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Meerut.

According to sources, this scam has been continuing since 2014. More than 600 MBBS students who are not fit to pass the exam have done so.

For each solved answer sheet, ₹1 lakh to ₹1.5 lakh has been charged.

This scam is not limited to MBBS students, but to the other professional courses as well.

This racket was uncovered by the Special Task Force (STF). They are thoroughly checking the answer sheets of semester exams of 2017.

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