Business from Chinese Buddhists to boatmen

Boatmen get business from Chinese Buddhists

Boatmen get business from Chinese Buddhists

In recent time, PM Narendra Modi’s visit to China has boosted the business links between India and China. Now, in the parliamentary constituency of the PM, Chinese Buddhists are providing great business to the boatmen by buying dozens of small fishes and releasing them into the Ganga for religious reasons.

Just like any other tourist or pilgrim visiting Kashi, the Chinese Buddhists and also the Koreans are following the tradition of releasing fishes into the Ganga as they enjoy the boat ride on the holy river and the scenic beauty of the historical ghats of the holy city.

Once the boatmen used to ferry groups of tourists from one ghat to other. However, they have now set up bazaars on their boats. These boatmen now sell live fishes to tourists and pilgrims who believe in the ritual of releasing fishes into water.

The floating bazaars not only display attractive items now, they also contain water buckets filled with small fishes sold to Chinese Buddhists and Korean tourists. The tradition of releasing fishes by the Chinese Buddhists is that they believe that they ensure that every creature is freed because even they are like us, states Chines tourist. It is an ancient tradition of the Chinese Buddhists which is now helping the boatmen.

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