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Beware of Facebook strangers

Beware of Facebook strangers

It is common for many us to post everything on Facebook and accept every friend’s request even though they are strangers. Experts claim that cybercrimes are growing due to the careless attitude of sharing everything on social media without caring about future consequences. There are many instances in the past which support the opinions of experts.

One recent example is Kusum Rani’s murder. Kusum Rani is a 31-year-old employee in IBM, Bengaluru. She hailed from Punjab. She shifted to Bengaluru six months ago and is living in a high-class apartment.

Kusum Rani made a stranger her friend on Facebook 19 days prior to her murder in her own flat. Within nine days, both shared their numbers to speak over the phone. Immediately after 10 days, the man visited her in her flat and after that, she was found in a pool of blood.

The man who killed her is 35-year-old Sukhbir Singh. He is a former employee of Yahoo and Accenture. He hailed from Haryana and was brought up in Gurgaon. He visited her in the afternoon and killed her for refusing to give money and flew away to Delhi the same night. Her roommate Nidhi Sharma found her dead around 8 pm.

Security guards revealed to police during investigation that the man arrived in the afternoon for her and waited in the reception. At that time, she was not in the apartment, but she came and took him to her flat after filling the details in the register. At around 3 pm, the security personnel observed that the man was leaving the apartment with her laptop bag.

Bengaluru police caught the culprit after tracing him. The accused revealed in an interrogation that he killed her for refusing to give money to him. Initially, he asked her for a loan of Rs.50,000. But she already lost Rs.5 lakh in December month in a credit card fraud. Later, he requested her to pay for at least his airfare which was not accepted by Kusum. Then, he allegedly attacked her with her a laptop charger and a pen.

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