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Beware of earphones

Beware of earphones

Nowadays use of earphones and headphones is quite common. If the usage is minimal, then there won’t be any problem, or else you have to face hearing problems.

Several studies warn that hearing problems are increasing in youth who use earphones more frequently.

There are many reasons for it.

If you use earphones or headphones, then the audio goes directly to the ears. If the audio is nearly 85 decibels, then it might affect your hearing ability. If the audio volume is greater than 100 decibels, then it can damage your hearing even if you play it for 15 to 20 minutes continuously.

Another reason for hearing problems is sharing of earphones with someone else. The sharing of headphones or earphones increase the bacteria and thereby ear infections. Hence, avoid sharing your apparatus with others.

Some earphones can be fixed directly to ear canals. Quality wise they seem to be better than normal earphones. But, these earphones block air circulation, and hence the risk of ear infections is increased with them.

Prolonged use of headphones or earphones leads to the production of more earwax which ultimately leads to ear infections, tinnitus and hearing impairment.

Prolonged use also leads to hearing numbness and ear pain. It can also impact your brain. The electromagnetic waves generated by the earphones or headphones can damage brain functioning. Some studies have shown that people with prolonged use complain about brain related issues. The inner ear is directly connected to the brain, hence a slight infection in the inner ear can damage your brain function.

So, use earphones or headphones only when you actually need them. Listen to music on a low volume when you plug earphones or headphones. Change your earphones or headphones at least every two to three months. Don’t use in-earphones or tiny earphones that can be fixed directly to your ear canals.

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