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Yelo backpack – An innovative School bag

Yelo backpack – An innovative School bag

Yelo is a Hindi word which means ‘Take this’. The backpack is designed by Manish Nath Mathur. He founded Prayas Innovation, an international social enterprise.

Yelo backpack is an innovative and low-cost school bag designed by him for the underprivileged school children.

When he visited his old school in Udaipur, he realized that children were sitting on the floor due to lack of furniture.

He recollected his old days and how uncomfortable it was to sit on the floor for several hours.

He then designed the Yelo backpack for school children.

This innovative school bag converts into a desk when it is required so that children can comfortably sit on the desk.

Children can keep their books and other belongings in this bag and carry it to the school. It is weather-resistant and durable.

It is strong enough to carry more than 10 kilos of weight.

The bag can be used as a writing desk and a sitting stool. The bag is available in two different sizes based on the age group of children.

The small-sized bags are meant for primary school children that are studying class 1 to class 5.

The medium-sized bags are intended for children of class 6 to class 8.

Furthermore, Yelo backpack has a detached solar-powered LED white light.

Thus, children can study with the help of the light in the nights.

The light can also be used by the entire family to perform their daily activities as many poor families do not have lights in their homes and most rural areas have power cuts.

The solar lamp can work for 4 to 8 hours. It has a rechargeable battery which can be charged through solar energy or AC charging.

Image Reference: Prayasinnovation

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