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Trash becomes treasure in her hand

Trash becomes treasure in her hand

It’s as the saying goes, one man’s trash can be another’s treasure. One can say this the saying that inspired Aancha Sukhija to start her line of work.

Think of all the scrap you throw away, it all goes to waste. Aanchal saw something more than scrap there.

Everyday objects that end up as waste became works of art in her hands. She is a blogger from delhi who created an entire line new line of jewelry from household objects showcased in New York.

Aanchal started her work four years ago. She became quite famous in the fashion industry for her creativity.

She makes quirky and interesting pieces of jewelry with scrap like steel scrub pads or utensils.

Aanchal says that she feels guilty about her carbon footprint which affects the environment. Hence why she wanted to use scrap for useful purposes.

Her Mission Pluto is about the things that people ignore. Explaining her concept, she said that Pluto is the planet which lost its planet status. Hence the mission is about things that are ignored and not given a chance.

Her line of sustainable jewelry was recently showcased at New York Fashion Week as well.

She gives a fresh touch to things that are ignored so they can be made use of again. She uses various kinds of materials to make her jewelry.

Trash becomes treasure in her hand

Trash becomes treasure in her hand

This includes AC foam, stainless steel scrubs, scouring pads, kajal dibbis, plumbing ad washer pipes and mops etc.

She takes this every day scrap and mixes to form various designs of chains, necklaces and earrings.

Her jewelry is trendy and unique. It does not hide the typical characteristics of the objects but portrays them in a funky manner.

She uses foam and steel scrubbers into layered necklaces and earrings. Items like PVC pipes are broken down for industrial-inspired jewelry.

She always add a whacky touch to the items to make them pop out and look interesting.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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