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Tile making process simplified by a farmer

Tile making process

Sukhranjan Mistry, a 32 year old farmer look like just another farmer. However, he created a foot operated Roof Tile-Making Machine. Traditional tile making by small tile makers is generally done manually, however with the creation of this machine, it became much simplified.

Sukhrajan’s machine works on the principle of converting the mechanical energy of pedaling into vibration of tile on a wooden platform.

The idea for this machine came to him when he could not afford to reconstruct the roof of his house. He tried to construct tiles with cement, however, due to lack of salting, the tiles did not have the strength.

One day he saw people working with a cold mixture for constructing roads and bridges. He saw a device called agitator which is used for making cement products. Then he got the idea of somehow incorporating the agitator into tile making.

He and his father worked hard to create an agitation table which is similar to the one used in road construction. With the help of an old cycle rim and just two sticks they made this table. In the whole design, the frame which was the most essential part was designed in about 15 – 20 days. They then made it possible to use it with a foot operated pedal. It makes tiles with the help of cement and river/sandstone.

With the help of the machine one tile can be made in one minute. This machine is very useful for small tile making companies and individuals who cannot afford high prices.

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