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This mechanic builds low-cost AC Machine

This mechanic builds low-cost AC Machine

If you go through a narrow street on Lalgudi road in Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, you will find a small bike garage. The shop owner and the mechanic K Akhtar Ali would seem like a simple man.

But he is more than that; an experimenter and an innovator.

With his brilliant ideas, this man made a low-cost AC machine. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly machine. He won the award of National Innovation Foundation (NIF).

From an air-transfer device to an anti-puncture powder he has several innovations.

Ali made this low-cost AC which reduces the room temperature by nearly 10°C for his wife.

Chennai’s weather is very hot and Ali’s ailing wife asked him to buy an air conditioner.

His wife was admitted for a surgery in a hospital where there were ACs. She felt uncomfortable after her discharge and returned to the home with the heat there.

She asked her husband to buy an AC. But, with his low income, Ali could not afford to buy an expensive AC machine that is available in the market.

In this context, he built his own AC machine with simple materials like water bubble cans, a bamboo basket, motor, pipe, and vetiver grass.

Bubble cans were cut and filled with stones, bricks and topped with water. A bamboo basket with vetiver grass went on top of the cans.

A thin paper was placed between the two bubble cans and attached to the motor. These were set to allow the water flow from one can to the other can.

The pipe was arched on the vetiver grass and had holes to enable water drip over it. A ceiling fan in the room helps the cool air flow through the air.

The water filled in these two cans can be used for some days before refilling. This costs him ₹1,500 which efficiently could lower the room temperature to 27°C from 38°C.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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