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Teacher designs low-cost device to ease online teaching

Teacher designs low-cost device to ease online teaching

Due to the pandemic, students have been learning online. To teach them, teachers were forced to adopt online teaching. Many teachers struggled to adapt to this new mode of teaching. While a few of them can teach comfortably, the majority of teachers are still struggling.

In this context, a teacher from Telangana came up with an innovative solution. Ganji Amarender is a mathematics teacher at the Zilla Parishad High School (ZHPS) in Nalgonda, Telangana. He developed a low-cost device to teach online easily.

Amarender also struggled a lot while adapting to the new teaching method. He did not know how to make presentations to explain things to students. Besides, he did not have sufficient money to buy a blackboard or a tripod for conducting online classes.

As a mathematics teacher, he knows the importance of explaining the step-by-step procedure of solutions to math problems for the easy understanding of students.

Hence, he wanted to build a low-cost tripod to hold his phone so that he can focus constantly on math problems.

Due to the lockdown, carpenters and other workers were not available. So, he designed it using two wooden planks and a glass frame. He stuck the glass onto the wooden planks with glue. He placed it at a height of six inches to move his hands freely under it. It also helped students to see what he writes on it.

He kept a paper under the glass frame to write. He placed his phone on the glass and used its rear camera so that words on the paper would be visible to students. By writing on the paper, he explained to his students. His innovation reached many people with word-of-mouth publicity. Several other teachers who were struggling to present online classes requested him to make the device for themselves.

Then, he started making these devices with the help of a carpenter and selling them for ₹350. He modified the prototype to adjust the height of the glass frame as per the convenience of the teachers.

Image Credit: Telangana Today

Image Reference: https://telanganatoday.com/intinta-innovator-programme-by-tsic-helps-develop-advanced-gadgets-for-daily-use

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