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Sweet Sorghum –The Wonder Crop

Sweet Sorghum

Almost all crops will have some parts gone to waste. However, Sweet Sorghum has 100 percent utility.

The crop has several utilities and uses. The stem, grains, and also the leftover bagasse can be used for some purpose with this crop.

The stem of this crop can produce sweet jaggery which can be used a substitute for honey. This syrup can be fermented to produce alcohol which can be used for cooking and lighting.

This crop is a huge success in China and it is now making its way to India thanks to the research of Dr. Anil Rajvanshi. Sweet Sorghum provides grain and stem which can be used for sugar, alcohol, syrup, jaggery, fodder, fuel, bedding, roofing, fencing, paper and chewing.

This crop is grown normally like grain or fodder Sorghum. It just has a sweeter and juicier stem. Dr. Anil Rajvanshi and his non-profit organization NARI have worked on a breeding program to make its grain quality comparable to that of grain Sorghum.

This crop is also a very good alternative for alcohol production in India. The crop used for alcohol production in India is sugarcane which is an 18 month crop. However, sweet sorghum is a four month crop and uses 40 percent less water than sugarcane.

NARI has also developed products which use this alcohol for various purposes like ‘Noorie’, a multi fuel lantern and Lanstove, which gives light and can also be used for cooking.

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