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Solar Kitchens reduce pollution

Solar Kitchens reduce pollution

Indoor pollution has been rising in the country. Studies show that it is also one of the leading causes to pollution levels.

There are many reasons for indoor pollution including household cooking and heat emissions.

Rural India chokes on hazardous fumes due to the utilization of traditional stoves.

In order to reduce premature deaths caused by indoor pollution, Mohan Nagar worked with the Bharat Bharti Shiksha Samiti, an NGO in Madhya Pradesh in association with IIT-Bombay and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

Earlier in 2017, students of IIT worked on a Solar Urja Lamp (SoUL) project and made an induction-like solar stove.

The team of students was guided by Professor Chetan S. Solanki and Jayendran Venkateswaran.

Their invention won the first prize at the national level Solar Chulha Challenge.

Knowing this matter, Mohan contacted the IIT-B team to install solar stoves in Bancha village. He sought financial aid from ONGC department for the project.

Bancha village has 74 families and they primarily depended on wood for their cooking. This damaged their health as well as the environment.

Hence, Mohan wanted to solve the issue. The installation of solar stoves along with plates and batteries in all households was finished by December 2018 with the initiation of Mohan.

With this, Bancha village became the first village of the country with all solar kitchens.

He conducted training sessions for the villagers.

The solar kitchen model is designed for a family of five people. It consumes three units of generated power per day.

It indicates the battery status and its usage. There is no maintenance cost for this stove. The villagers are also able to get free electricity through solar plates.

The villagers express their satisfaction in using this solar stove.

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