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Raksha Band- An Innovative Band to Prevent Rape Attacks

Raksha Band- An Innovative Band to Prevent Rape Attacks

A new anti-virus band has been created to prevent Rape attacks by Susant Pattnaik, one of the youngest inventors of several innovative products in India. Raksha band, a new anti-virus band has several special features which makes it easier for victims to escape rape attacks.

The features of this anti-virus include:
A special micro cellular technology which enables the user to make an immediate call to the nearest police station with the press of a single button. This mode also enables the speaker mode so that police can directly talk to the perpetrator and threaten him.
The band has a Micro Heater technology which can be used as defense. The hands of the attacker would burn when he tries to touch the girl’s hand. The band won’t cause heat to the wearer’s hand.
The band has super flash light which makes the attacker temporarily blind by releasing a strong band of flash light.
The band has High Frequency Siren Technology which causes loud noise in the surrounding. This will scare the attacker with the fear of getting caught. The Raksha Band would only work if a girl is wearing it due to the special technology used in it.
Watch demo here for the product.

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