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Oorjaa offers innovative lights made from paper and fibre

Oorjaa offers innovative lights made from paper and fibre

Sustainable living is a trend now. Many people are opting for sustainable products. So, many innovative products are emerging into the market.

But this Mumbai woman started it long ago when many people were not environment-conscious. She focussed on the issue and explored ways for it.

Jenny Pinto offers sustainable lights made from recycled waste. She left Mumbai in her 30s and settled in Bengaluru. She wanted to explore the ways for greener living.

She says that making a paper is not difficult, but making it in a green way needs special attention. Realizing that no company or individual in India was not focused on making chemical-free paper, she focussed on the issue.

Jenny decided to learn the making of recycled paper from agricultural waste. She spent a few months in Portland in 2000 to learn paper making from natural fibres. She made a chemical-free paper from banana fibre.

Due to her passion for the art of papermaking, she opened a small studio. She experimented with recycled paper.

Later Jenny started using banana fibre as raw material for her products. She trained many rural artisans to design products with recycled material like paper, banana fibre, cork etc. Now she has around 50 men and women employees to work under her guidance.

Jenny launched a brand, Oorjaa, in 2018 to offer products made from sustainable materials. Her main aim is to recycle or repurpose all possible materials.

She and her team make lamps, doorknobs and other decoration items using faux cement. They also weave papers to make various types of lamps. Besides, the leftover cork is used to create coasters.

Now many people became eco-conscious, and several of them are particular about the source of the products. Many people are switching to sustainable products. Oorjaa products have a good demand among those people.

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Image Reference: https://www.oorjaa.in/

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