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NAVisor – Smart navigation device to prevent accidents

NAVisor – Smart navigation device to prevent accidents

A helmet is a must for bike riders to prevent accidents. If the helmet turns smart and assists in navigation, it will provide an added advantage and a different experience to the rider.

Three engineering students from Bengaluru, designed a smart device, NAVisor, to assist riders in navigation.

Milind Manoj, Pradeep Parthasarathy, and Riya Gangamma participated in the Indian Innovation Design Contest in 2017 and presented their innovative device, NAVisor. The device can fit a full-sized helmet with a chin guard and assist the riders in the navigation of their journey.

For this, the device has to be connected to a mobile application through Bluetooth. It has earphones to improve the convenience of users.

The device guides the rider with red LED illuminations. For instance, the LED lights on the left illuminate for a left turn. MapmyIndia, a tech company, provides digital maps for navigation and the device syncs with these maps.

The trio was one of the 10 winners of the competition for their innovation, the Smart Augmented Reality helmet.

Later, they wanted to improve the model to commercialize the product. They launched a startup, PupilMesh.

The trio worked hard for designing this unique device, NAVisor. One of their main challenges was making the device with accurate size and colour of lights.  They focused on this issue because too bright or dull lights can affect the vision of the rider, which eventually could distract their attention.

A team of 12 engineers worked for two years to make a perfect prototype. They built a one-dimensional augmented reality (AR) device. It can cope with all types of weather conditions. Users can adjust the brightness of lights as per the weather condition.

NAVisor comes with a battery that can charge in two hours. The battery can last up to three days. It has many excellent features, including noise control, microphone sensitivity, music, talk time, and many more. The device costs ₹3,500.

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