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Mumbai Society uses solar energy for electricity

Mumbai Society uses solar energy for electricity

Shah Complex IV is a residential complex in Sanpada area, Navi Mumbai. They installed three solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations in April this year and became the first private residential complex in Maharashtra.

It is admired by other societies and residential complexes for its move towards environment-friendly efforts.

When Shah Complex IV wanted to use solar power, they approached Magenta Power, the firm that installs renewable energy solutions.

While installing the solar power plants, the society wanted to set up EV charging stations and both cost them ₹13 lakh.

With the solar power plant, the residential complex is saving electricity bill in the range of ₹22,000 to ₹25,000 per month.

Each electric vehicle charging station has a capacity of 3.3 kW. The residents can plug their vehicles for charging and leave them overnight as these are AC chargers.

In addition to that, the society also uses the EV charging facilities for outside vehicles as there are no such stations nearby.

The society expresses happiness on turning electricity bills to zero in addition to cutting carbon emissions.

The secretary of the society says that more EV charging stations would be installed if needed based on the demand from the residents.

However, Magenta Power says enough space is essential to install more stations in any residential complex. Many housing complexes in Mumbai, especially the old ones do not have enough parking space.

As a result, cars are blocking the road by parking outside the complex.

Hence, the new resident complexes are focusing on this issue and most builders are providing EV-enabled parking space.

This would help those opting for electric vehicles to power their vehicle with ease.

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