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MP girl makes multipurpose device to ease household work

MP girl makes multipurpose device to ease household work

Indian women spend at least five hours every day completing household works. Many working women are struggling to complete household chores before they leave for work. Rajini Bai is one among them.

Her children are helping her to finish household tasks on time. However, they also cannot complete all tasks as they have to go to school. Hence, she has pending work every day; she finishes it after returning from the office. As a result, she used to work till late at night, which impacted her health.

There are many such women in the country. Observing her difficulties, her younger daughter, Navshri Thakur, designed a multipurpose device for her. This 14-year-old girl is studying class 10.

To ease household chores, Navshri wanted to make a device that can do multiple tasks. For this, she drew the model of a device on paper and applied different scientific principles to help her mother in various household tasks. She took the help of her science teacher for designing a real-time prototype.

Navshri and her teacher took the advice of carpenters and altered the device as per their suggestions. The device, Multi-Use Kitchen Machine, is operated by hands. One can do eight different tasks using the device like cutting vegetables, rolling rotis, extracting juice, crushing spice etc.

Navshri took the help of a carpenter for making the device which is made with teak wood, steel plates etc. She spent around ₹3,000 to design the device. The device has various detachable parts to serve various purposes. One can attach as per the required work. Navshri’s mother used the device and was satisfied with its efficiency.

Navshri won the INSPIRE award from National Innovation Foundation (NIF). Her design has been sent for patenting.

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