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Mask that purifies air

Mask that purifies air

In the urban environment these days, air pollution is rising to dangerous levels. This pollution causes many health problems. People who commute every day in the city are exposed to this high level of pollution leading them dangers like cancer.

In order to counter this problem, a team from IIT Delhi has worked to create a solution. Debayan Saha and Shashi Ranjan, a research team there developed a product that filters polluted air.

It is a nasal aid that can filter pollutants in the air. Wearing this will make sure one gets only clean air separated from pollutants.

These nasal aids are better than typical masks aimed at the same purpose. The masks aren’t as effective.

The new device is called Nosacle. They are easy to carry and are reusable.

They work based on the concept of nose plugs used to treat sleep apnea. Using these devices, one can keep away 90% of the pollutants.

Debayan Saha says that device does not have any uncomfortable feeling when using it. According to the team, the aid is in fact more comfortable to use than regular face masks.

Mask that purifies air

Mask that purifies air

Comparing the advantages of the device, he said that face masks usually come with membranes with smaller pores. The masks however are not very good at dealing with carbon dioxide.

The nasal aid itself doesn’t work on the basis of a membrane. This makes it more efficient and also easier for the user to wear it.

The device consists of cartridges which have to be replaced every eight hours so that it can work at full efficiency.

The device will be available in market by the end of 2017 at a cheap price according to the team. They say that it won’t be more than one third of price of a reusable mask.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia, IndiaToday

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