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Jugaad helps this farmer to earn ten times profit

Jugaad helps this farmer to earn ten times profit

Sometimes, small jugaad can achieve big results. This became true in this farmer’s case.

Farming is very difficult and even a single variation in the weather can affect the prices of products severely.

Especially, onions and potatoes are affected hugely by the weather. For instance, onions which are usually harvested heavily in the months of March or April can be sold for ₹2 or ₹3 per kg if they are sold in these months.

On the other hand, if they are stored until monsoon, they can be sold be for ₹35 per kg which means more than ten times of profit is made.

Though many farmers want to store and sell their crops in the monsoon season when the prices are high, the storage facilities in the country are not affordable by them.

Only few have their own storage facilities to store their crops. Some others use their own houses.

However, risk is involved with such types of storage facilities like heat, moisture etc. Even rat infestations can also occur.

In this context, Rohit Patel, a 21-year old farmer came up with a desi jugaad.

Rohit chose a room with no windows. He made 8-inch-high rows of bricks at even distances and spread an iron net on these rows.

Rohit kept his onions in it. He installed bottomless pits to pass air for every 100 square feet. An exhaust fan had been installed on these pits.

He kept the fan turned on to provide cool air to the bottom of the onions.

Thus, Rohit made his own home-made cooling system to pass cool air from between the iron net and onions so that they won’t be rotten or damaged.

He developed this home-made warehouse after four years of research.

He says that the input cost is ₹5 per kg. So, even if he sells for ₹15 per kg, he will make ₹10 profit per kg.

He earned a profit of ₹5 lakh last year with his jugaad.

Earlier, he would earn ₹90,000 for his 3000 quintals of onions, and using his jugaad he made earned one crore and five lakh rupees which means a profit of ₹96 lakh.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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