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Innovative technology: Chennai metro generating its own power

Chennai metro generating its own power

In cities around the world, the use of metro rail systems defines the urban lifestyle. When metro systems were introduced to Indian cities, they revolutionized the way city-dwellers life their lives.

Commuters were able to choose another option for public transport, and the affordable price of the metro attracted thousands to this new system.

Not only is this convenient for urban commuters, but it is also beneficial to the environment.

It reduces carbon emissions by having hundreds of people going back and forth to work on the same vehicle, instead of driving to work separately in their own cars or motorcycles.

Now, a new form of power-generating technology has been introduced that allows metro trains to be even more efficient forms of public transport.

Regenerative braking technology allows the energy that is lost while braking to be used as power to run the train.

Whenever vehicles brake, they convert their kinetic energy into heat energy in the brake pads.

Regenerative braking allows the three-phase traction motors to function as generators, which converts the kinetic energy of the train into electrical energy instead.

This electrical energy then goes into the overhead lines, and is used to power trains for further transport.

The Chennai metro rail system has adopted this technology, and it now self-generates about a third of the power used for running the trains.

According to the Chennai metro rail officials, a four-car train can run 400 kilometers per day and self-generate 1,900 kilowatts per hour.

Since a train consumes 6,300 kilowatts per hour in order to run 400 kilometers per day, this self-generated energy makes up a significant portion of the power it uses.

Chennai metro

Chennai metro generating its own power

The Delhi Metro has also adopted the regenerative braking system, and it has cut down carbon emissions by 90,000 tons from 2004 to 2007.

With more people choosing to ride on these efficient, energy-saving trains, less carbon dioxide is emitted into the planet’s atmosphere.

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