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Healthizen app connects people with government to resolve the community issues

Healthizen app connects people with government to resolve the community issues

Normally, many people don’t know who to contact or complain about certain community problems they face. This could be a garbage pile which can increase the mosquitoes by being a spot for their breeding, or an open manhole or any similar things.

Generally, many of us ignore such things. But, a group of friends from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka in Bangalore had taken an initiative on this. They made a mobile application to connect people with the government of Karnataka to report such issues which can lead to health hazards.

Anindita Ravikumar, a chemical engineer from NIT Surathkal and her friends made an android based app named Healthizen to solve the community issues. Before making the app, they confirmed by surveying among their friends and family members that nobody is aware about who to complain to about such annoying things in their community or neighbourhood.

Dr. Sadhana, the Executive Director of Karnataka State Health System Resource Centre helped Anindita’s team in communicating about the app to the government. Karnataka government liked the idea, approved it and sponsored the team to further develop it.

The app works like a channel through which Bengulurians can complain directly to the health department. Dr. Sadhana, also helped the team to make the app more wide-ranging to ensure the various possible situations to be brought to the notice of government.

The app enables the users to complain in both English and Kannada. The categories include water, sanitation and garbage problems, healthcare services, living and working conditions and agriculture and food products.

The person who wants to bring the issue to government’s notice has to click a picture of the place to complain about. A flag about the complaint can be raised up on the website. Here, various flags are displayed on a Google map. The people who have GPS activated on their mobiles can have the locations of the flags uploaded automatically. Remaining people can manually enter the location.

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