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Goa Man builds eco homes to prevent pollution

Goa Man builds eco homes to prevent pollution

Construction of houses is one of the leading causes of environment pollution. The materials like cement that are used for construction emit huge carbon emissions.

Some people are utilizing sustainable and recycled material to prevent pollution in the construction of homes.

Dean D’Cruz, an architect from Goa is one among such people who wants to build eco-homes. He wants house owners to use construction materials and human resources of the location where their homes are situated and also form a community with their neighbors to maintain sustainability.

He constructed nearly 350 houses out of which 300 are residential houses in Goa and 40 are hotels across the country.

25 per cent of these constructions have been built in the best possible sustainable ways.

He founded Mozaic in 2001 to advocate sustainable housing. Several like-minded people joined him in the firm as professionals and some of them wanted him to build their homes.

The cost of these houses is cheaper due to the utilization of unconventional material. He uses recycled material for doors and windows depending on the location of the house.

For instance, Retired Commander Anant Narayan Dean contacted D’Cruz to build a sustainable house in a limited budget.

He built the walls using laterite stone which is cheaper than usual bricks. The roof was built with Mangalore roof tiles instead of a cement slab. The roof tiles are arranged in such a way that there are gaps in between two tiles to allow for ventilation.

Similarly, he used timber from trees that had fallen outside to construct a five-star hotel.

In some instances, bike handles from a garage were used as a tap for washbasin. Thus, this man built several eco-friendly and sustainable houses.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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