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Food Aid Packet that ‘grows’

Food Aid Packet that ‘grows’

You may have seen the government or some other NGOs aid people with food packets when natural calamities occur. However, people get stuck in situations like floods will have to wait for a long time most of the times.

It may take a couple of days even to get a packet of bread or milk.

In this context, two IIT students, Megha Agrawal and Shikhar Prakash decided to do something for the flood victims. Both are third-year students. Megha Agrawal is a student of IIT Guwahati and Shikhar Prakash is a student of IIT Madras.

Both have worked together on GreenAid which aims to provide nutritious food during floods to the beneficiaries. Both had to work together as part of Invent@IITGN held at Gandhinagar and thus they met.

They wanted to use technology to solve the issue of food problem at the time of floods.

Shikhar Prakash hails from Guwahati where Megha was studying, and the major problem there is floods.

GreenAid is an invention to help people in times of emergency by providing ration food packet which consists of seed, culture and water.

It either can be consumed immediately or later. In the meantime, the microgreens in the packet would be grown.

The packet contains a mix of dried porridge, seeds, yogurt culture, and a packet of clean water. The recipient will have to add the water to the seeds and yogurt culture after they open the packet. This helps the seeds to sprout.

The microgreens are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be grown in five to seven days.

GreenAid’s packaging is perfect and can be opened easily to eat the contents inside. It is sterile which prevents contamination so that the recipient can keep it for a few days.

GreenAid packet is priced at ₹25 for bulk orders and priced in the range of ₹30 to ₹45 for normal orders.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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