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eKavach app enables better parenting

eKavach app enables better parenting

Now-a-days, it is very difficult to protect children from inappropriate content or websites and cyber bullying. Many parents worry about secure internet activity of their children. To solve these problems, an application is developed.

eKavach is India’s first digital parenting application. It enables better parenting by keeping an eye on their children’s internet activity. This app has many amazing features.

The real-time filtering technology of eKavach app enables you to monitor your child’s online activity. You can block websites and content that are not appropriate to your child. You can also set suitable time limits, limit your child’s data access for days or specific times of the day, and facilitate safe search so that you can block harmful websites for your child. Moreover, you can get real-time notifications on your phone in the event of any violations.

You can keep an eye on your child’s activity by installing eKavach app. It helps you understand your child’s internet activity and how he or she is spending his/her time, what applications he/she is using, newly installed apps on his/her phone and how much time is being spent. Thus, eKavach enables you with time and application management.

The real-time and instant notifications of eKavach helps you protect your child if he is using a harmful website or content. Since all data is received on your phone, you need not wait to login to a website or for an email. Moreover, it is easy to review all the notifications on your phone and evaluate your child’s internet activity.

It has multi user flexibility feature. With this feature, both the parents can map their child’s activity and any parent can view child’s activity. The upcoming features of eKavach include social media monitoring, chat room and instant messenger chat monitoring, and cyber bullying protection and profanity masking.

eKavach can be downloaded on your phone for a limited period. Later, you need to buy it. Various pricing plans are available.

Image Reference: Yourekavach.com

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