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Eco-friendly house built from recycled plastic in Karnataka

Eco-friendly house built from recycled plastic in Karnataka

As environment-conscious people are increasing, researchers are exploring novel ways to recycle plastic. Some people and NGOs have been working to make a change by providing eco-friendly alternatives to people.  Plastics for Change India Foundation is one among them. It aims to recycle plastic for a better future and improve the quality of life of waste collectors.

They chose a few beneficiaries for which they are constructing houses with recycled plastic. Kamala is one of the beneficiaries who received the eco-friendly home built from 1,500 kg of recycled plastic.

She was living in a tent which was collapsed due to heavy rains. Her leg was fractured during the collapse of her tent. Hence, Plastics for Change India Foundation decided to donate a home to her.

Before building the house, the construction material was tested for its durability. It is the first eco-friendly recycled plastic house in Karnataka.

The house was constructed in Pachanady, Karnataka with a cost of ₹4.5 lakhs in association with a building partner, Bamboo Projects from Hyderabad.

The house was built in 15 days. Low-density plastic, multi-layered plastic and other plastic waste like tetra packs were used in the construction of the house. 60 panels were used for its construction. The house has one hall, kitchen, and a small room with an attached bathroom.

Shifrah Jacobs, chief impact officer of Plastics for Change India Foundation, said that cost can be reduced further if more houses are built.

She added that they are planning to build 20 houses with over 20 tonnes of plastic. Apart from building homes, the Foundation is mulling to build toilets as well from recycled plastic. They are mainly working with communities in Pachanady and Kurikatta in Mangaluru.

Besides, Plastics for Change India Foundation has been providing various development programmes for waste collectors in many regions including Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Udupi, Karwar, Hubballi and Dharwad across Karnataka.

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